The World's favourite way to watch Norwegian TV abroad
In just 5 minutes, you can be relaxing in front of all your favourite Norwegian TV ...
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    Access to Norwegian IP Only Sites

    Using Norwegian based servers and a VPN connection your computer or mobile device will always have a Norwegian identity.

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    Security and privacy

    Guaranteed safe, secure and anonymous connection, that's speedy and reliable.

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    Quick & easy install

    Simply sign up to our monthly subscription service and in 5 minutes you can be watching Norwegian TV.

Easy To Install and Use on Your PC or Mac

When you join My Expat Network we create a unique VPN Client application just for you to simply and easily download. You should be up and running in less than 5 minutes.

We allow up to 3 connections

So you can install and set up on any combination of - PC, Mac, Sabai Router, Mobile and Tablet at the same time!

Lots of channels at My Expat Network

Supported Systems

  • XP Windows 10
  • XP Windows XP
  • Vista Windows Vista
  • Windows 7 Windows 7
  • Windows 8 Windows 8
  • Mac Mac OS X
  • Ipad iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch
  • Adnroid Android Mobile
  • Mobile Windows Mobile

Watch Swedish TV?

Watch Swedish TV?

Watch Swedish TV online whilst abroad - Stay connected to Sweden. Using our Swedish  based servers, you will also be able to access Swedish based content such as TV catchup services and other Sweden only websites.

Try our Swedish service

Secure Payment

Secure Payment

We only accept PayPal Subscriptions. This means that a) we never get involved with any of your personal information, credit card details or bank accounts and b) you are protected by PayPal, if you are in any way unhappy with the service and feel we are not responding, simply dispute the payment in PayPal. This immediately removes the payment from our account.